Mar 13, 2022.

Ambedkar International Center(AIC), a Washington DC,USA based organization, celebrated Women’s International Center worldwide on Sunday, 13th March 2022. AIC salutes every woman of the world who has contributed greatly to the welfare of the nation. AIC also offers Workshops, seminars, Mentorships and Advisory Sessions along with several other initiatives in which women play an important role. The event was hosted by Archana G, Secretary of Ambedkar International Center. Seema Kushwaha ji who is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India was the Keynote speaker.The panel speakers Dolly Arjun,Sujatha Ramni and Asmita Kamble also shared their insight. All the speakers shared their knowledge and experience on how women are shaping the world.

The Vote of Thanks was done by Sanjay Kumar, President of AIC. The event was attended by participants from USA, UK, India, Canada and was conducted virtually over zoom.

Recording of Event: