CA Passed SB403

California State Assembly passed an anti-caste discrimination bill SB403 with whooping 55-3 votes and became the first US state to address caste discrimination through legislation.

Outside of India, California became the 1st state to do so. Ambedkar International Center, USA worked with all anti-caste activists, built a strong coalition “America Against Caste Discrimination” (AACD), and worked relentlessly to achieve this historical feat.

The world has been watching this great development and it’s a dream that came true. A long fight is finally close to concluding. We thank all 55 assembly members who voted yes to support. 3 Assembly members who opposed it must think about their stand for justice and human rights and learn about the brutality of the evil caste system on humanity.

Many civil rights organizations across religious boundaries supported this historic bill as part of AACD. Many activists showed courage and came out on the streets to demand justice irrespective of the perceived risk to their careers and lives. This bill created a better understanding among many human rights organizations.

Discrimination in any form is not tolerable. Those who have migrated from South Asian countries like India should remember that the world is moving towards equality and bringing any age-old caste discrimination practices in the USA will not be tolerated. When there is legal protection, people will have mental freedom and they can feel free from the caste hierarchical practices which are still prevalent in India.

Though India has a legal ban on Caste-Discrimination, due to the government’s inaction, caste-based discrimination and brutal practices have no stopping. We urge all underprivileged community members to leave the ‘Caste-System’, and embrace the path given by Bodhisattva Dr. B. R. Ambedkar that will bring real freedom from ‘Mental-Slavery’.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar said, “You must have the courage to tell the Hindus that what is wrong with them is their religion – the religion which has produced in them this notion of the sacredness of caste.” There is a way to come out of this “Caste-System” and avoid any type of discrimination by following the path shown by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

California’s win is historic in many ways. We are very close to the final victory and hope to see it approved by the Senate and signed by the Governor.