Can I apply for the AIC Authors Lab irrespective of where I live?

Absolutely. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this inaugural Lab will be conducted virtually, so location isn’t a barrier. However, please note that our application guidelines state that applicants must understand that these books and the AIC Authors Lab are targeting both the Indian and International Audience. Keep that audience and industry in mind when submitting your work. For that reason all submission are for works in English only.

Can I submit more than one manuscript?
No. But kudos to you for having multiple projects ready! Choose the one that puts your best foot forward.

Can I apply with one manuscript and workshop a different project during the Lab?

No. The manuscript you apply with will be used to match you to your mentor, among other things. Be sure the manuscript you apply with is the one you want to develop.

Is the AIC Authors Lab only for full length Books?

Yes. However, we are hoping to launch more programs in the future to support talent from our community..

Do I have to fill out the application in one sitting? 

Yes. So keep in mind that in addition to basic contact/demographic info, the application asks for a bio (max 150 words), author’s statement (max 500 words), logline (max 50 words), book synopsis (max 750 words), and the table of contents and description of each chapter uploaded as a PDF. You’ll also be asked to confirm that you are age 18 or over, that you’ve read and agreed to the AIC Authors Lab – 2021 Submission Agreement, and that you’ve paid the required fees, or checked the box claiming financial constraits and requesting a waiver.

What is the “blind review” process?

Every application will first undergo a screening by someone not involved with the scoring process, which will remove identifying features such as name, gender, and nationality, making the applications “blind.” The applications will then be read and scored on a rubric by two of three AIC team members, who will use these blind reviews to whittle the pool to the ten semifinalists.

What does this mean: “The ten semifinalists will also receive feedback on their scripts,  after the three Mentees are announced and Seminar with Mentors”?

The ten semifinalists’ scripts will be read by SIX people, half of whom will be part of a Script Advisory Team made up of folx who read and give feedback to scripts for a living. They will each score the full script on a rubric and provide written feedback. The ten semifinalists will then receive six paragraphs of feedback total (one from each person who read/reviewed the script), regardless of whether or not they are named one of the three finalists.

If I submit my screenplay, do I still own the rights to my work?

Yes of course. It’s yours! Please read the AIC Authors Lab – 2021 Submission Agreement for more information. If accepted to the Lab as one of the three finalists, there are additional Agreements to sign with your Mentor and Advisors, as well as an NDA, to further protect your work.

What if I don’t identify as one of the marginalized communities, but have an excellent concept, manuscript etc. that pertains to these communities – can I still apply?

We are hosting this initiative exclusively for those who identify as the marginalized, with that aim to offset the disadvantages, and lack of options for writers of these communities within traditional world of book writing and publishing. So the answer is No. However if you do think that you have an excellent manuscript worth our consideration, please send the same to campaign@ambedkarinternationalcenter.org, and we will review it and get back to you in case it aligns with our vision and purpose.