Dr. Ambedkar Memorial in the USA – A Dream of Every Ambedkarite

About the AIC and Memorial Project

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, popularly and lovingly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, is truly recognized as the “Renaissance Man” of the modern world. Ambedkar International Center (AIC) is not only to celebrate his life and legacy, but also want to establish a world-class center that will serve as a location for social change initiatives, learnings, cultural and economic developments, hold conferences, celebrations, and propagate Ambedkar’s philosophy throughout the United States and help to drive the Ambedkar mission worldwide.

AIC has taken the first step towards making the Dr. Ambedkar Memorial on a 13 acres of land bought by the organization in 2013 in Maryland USA, 20 miles away from the White House – the heart of Washington DC. This land is enriched with full of nature, streams, and forests, and is connected by a major Highway. This memorial will be serving to spread Babasaheb’s messages and teachings and showcase a symbol of equality and human rights. It will be a PRIDE for all the followers worldwide, especially those living in North America.

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Elements of Memorial Building

Symbols of Our Pride: Dr. Ambedkar Statue – Statue of Equality, Buddha Statue – Symbol of Peace and Humanity and Ashoka Pillar – Pride of Buddhist Era will be main elements to beautify the landscape. They all are crafted by famous artists from India and USA to give life to each of one. We have selected a company (http://ramsutar.in/) headed by sculptor Shri Ram V. Sutar – Padmashree awardee by President of India to make statue of Babasaheb for the memorial.

Statue of Equality: 12ft Bodhisattva Dr. B. R. Ambedkar bronze statue. This is main attraction of the memorial surrounded by beautiful water fountain.
Symbol of Peace and Humanity: Beautiful 6ft statue of white marble with a replica of Sachi Stupa in background to give a spiritual environment.
Ashoka Pillar: 20ft historic artifact that glorified the history of India, adds beauty to the landscape, and takes visitors to the Mauryan empire era of Buddhism.

Buddha Garden – The Garden of Enlightenment: The Garden of Enlightenment shall blend and harmonize the landscape components with the Buddhist art and architecture in the form of sculptures, murals, reliefs, and statues. Significant Quotes from Dr. Ambedkar and Dhamma teachings of Buddhism, like the suttas, will be chiseled on rocks and placed strategically around the Landscaped spaces to add to the natural ambiance. This will be a perfect space for any outdoor activities as well.

Buddha Garden

Center of Knowledge a.k.a. Memorial: The memorial part of the project will be inspiring, uplifting, and informing the visitors about Dr. Ambedkar’s multi-faceted personality as an intellectual, genius, a reformer, displaying his profound knowledge and vision, his contributions to many fields. The center will be carefully organize and innovatively display the exhibits to make them more understandable and interesting for all age groups of visitors. It will also provide an opportunity to showcase the contribution made by various social reformers, social revolutionaries, and social justice champions in India and the world. This 3000 sq feet facility will be able to hold an event for over 150 people. It will be equipped with a big-screen display and a sound system for presentations and movies. One side of wall is fully expandable for the extended audience. Memorial building will have two full bathroom with standing shower.

Memorial Hall Side view
Memorial Hall Front view

Nalanda Library: Modern study space treasured with exclusive collections of Babasaheb speeches and writing along with Buddha and Bahujan literatures, provide an ideal place for study to visitors and researchers.

Nalanda Library

Peace Circle: In the back side of the property beautiful circle decorated with landscape, is entrance to the Budhha Garden.

Intro and Donors Wall: We are dedicating a wall with Donor’s name engraved and one wall about Dr. Ambedkar.

Intro wall
Donors wall

Ambedkar Scholars Residence:
Fully furnished ADA complained residential section will have three bedrooms, one living room with two full bathrooms. It will give a comfortable and quiet environment to our guests and will be able to accommodate over 9 guests at a time.

Scholar Residence

Wisdom Trail:
A mile long trail inside the property and around the forest with engraved buddha teachings giving enlightening experience to visitors. This will also have statues and quotes of many reformers, along with 8 fold path writings on signboards on the sides of the trail.

Wisdom Trail

Gift shop (Market Place): Enables visitors to purchase our exclusive collectibles of Bahujan heroes.

Project Plan:

Project Cost: ~ 1.5 million to build all components shown in design

Timeline: By October, 2025 (With assumption of meeting all our fundraising milestones as planned)

Fundraising Approach: We have some initial commitments for statute.
We will raise funds in three parts $500,000 for each part.

Fundraising and Project Progression:
• Project Kickoff and Fundraiser initiated (Jun 2022)
• Statue Order with initially committed fund (Nov 2022)
• Fundraise towards Statue – $60k (Dec 2022)
• Building Permit Process starts (Jan 2022)
• Milestone 1: Fund raised – $500k (Feb 2024)
• Statue Installation (July 2023)
• Replace Existing Structure with Scholars Residence and Library Structure (Oct 2023)
• Milestone 2: Fund raised – $500k (Feb 2024)
• Build Memorial Hall and Gift shop structure (Oct 2024)
• Milestone 3: Fund raised – $500k (Feb 2025)
• Build Memorial Hall interior decoration, Landscape, Buddha Garden and Wisdom Trail (Oct 2025)

How you can Support?

This fundraising milestone is divided into three phases, each phase a construction milestone. We are requesting donations anywhere from the globe. Statues and other artifacts are expected to be purchased and shipped from India. Interested donors can donate to our registered partner organization in India. Please contact treasure@ambedkarinternationalcenter.org. People in USA and Canada can make their donation to AIC.

Engrave your or your beloved’s name in the history – Sponsor an element of Memeorial Project:

  • Memorial Building – $300K (3 can sponsor min $100K each – 1 Sponsored 4 left)
  • Nalanda Library Building – $200K (Sponsored)
  • Nalanda Library interior (Books, Furniture etc.) – $100K
  • Wisdom Trail – $100K (4 can sponsor min $25k each)
  • Statue of Equality – $50K (Sponsored)
  • Dr. Ambedkar Wall – $25K (Sponsored)
  • Water Fountain Around the Statue – $25K
  • Dhamma Way – $25K
  • Justic Way – $25K
  • Knowledge Way – $25K
  • Sanchi Stupa Gateway – $50K
  • Gift Shop – $50K
  • Buddha Statue – $50K (Sponsored)
  • Buddha Garden – $50K (Sponsored)
  • Ashoka Pillar – $50K
  • Peace Circle – $25K (Sponsored)
  • Scholar Residence Room 1 – $100K
  • Scholar Residence Room 2 – $100K
  • Scholar Residence Room 3 – $100K

$10K+ Pledge is required to be on Donors wall

In addition, there are 4 types of sponsorships available that will be put on Donors wall.

  • $100,000+ Platinum Sponsor
  • $50,000+ Gold Sponsor
  • $25,000+ Silver Sponsor
  • $10,000+ Bronze Sponsor

Memorial Bricks can be sponsored for $5000

Click here to make donation

Funding Requirements

Fall 2022*Winter 2023*Spring 2023Summer 2023
Fall 2023Winter 2024*Spring 2024Summer 2024
Fall 2024Winter 2025*Spring 2025Summer 2025
Fall 2025Winter 2026Spring 2026Summer 2026
* Major Funding Milestone

About the Property and it's current status
About the Property
Floor Plan of Building
Floor Plan
3D Animation of Memorial Building
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Jeswanth Reddy Muthyala

July 28, 2023

Educate, Agitate, Organize!

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Dr Devaiah & Dr Rudrama Pagidipati

June 13, 2023

Love to Sponsor Nalanda Library and Statue of Babasaheb

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Prithy Paul

June 13, 2023

I would sponsor Peace Circle.

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