Q: Is Property paid off?
A: Yes, it was fully paid off in 2015.

Q: How much is property tax?
A: It is about $5000, we are working with an attorney to get exempted from property tax.

Q: Why there is a 5k SQ FT floor area construction limit?
A: The property is presently under a RR zone, that allows a construction up to 5k SQFT. Once we build allowed structure, we will apply for zone change and expand the facility. The zoning change is time taking and expensive process.

Q: Why build in phases?
A: Since we have limited funding resources, we want to move one step at a time and it will also help us gradually maximize the utilization by getting the local community involved.

Q: How much statue cost and how long will take to deliver?
A: Around 1000 kg 12ft Statue is made of bronze metal (combination), Vendor RAM SUTAR ART CREATIONS PVT. LTD (http://ramsutar.in/) has given an estimate of 6 months for statue delivery. We have received a quotation for $59 including shipping cost.

Q: Would County allow statue at property?
A: Under RR Zoning we are allowed to build Statue that should not exceed two-floor building height (17 ft from the ground).

Q: Who will be building Dr. Ambedkar statue?
A: A renowned artist and sculptor Mr. Ram Sutar, recipient of India’s Prestigious Padma Shree award (http://ramsutar.in/) who also built biggest Sardar Patel statue in Ahmadabad Gujrat has been selected to build our statue. Mr. Sutar has credit for creating many statues and sculptures in India, the USA, France, Argentina, Italy, Russia, and Malaysia. Mr. Sutar has made more than ninety monumental sculptures in the last sixty years.

Q: Why do we need a statue at AIC?
A: Statue beautifies and symbolizes the memorial and is a pride of Ambekarites, It will also be an attraction for the American and local community to learn about Babasaheb.

Q: Who is currently living at the will take care of the memorial building?
A: Currently one Buddhist monk is staying and taking care of the property, He will be welcome to continue to do so. There will be a room at the scholar’s residence allocated to the guests. Major maintenance works like a pathway, garden, etc., will be contracted.

Q: How memorial will be utilized?
A: Bhante is conducting weekly meditation sessions on zoom, that will convert into more frequent in-person sessions for the local community at our memorial building. Besides, we organize counseling services to help the community. Lectures on Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar will be conducted on a regular basis. We plan to conduct outdoor meditation at Buddha Garden during the summertime. AIC will also have a few annual events when members gather. A library with Bahujan literature will be available for locals and visitors. We can affiliate with local universities to run credit courses on topics related to the Indian Caste system, Buddhism, etc.

Q: Would the memorial will be the same as shown in the design?
A: AIC hired Architectures have designed this keeping all MD Maryland compliance, including ADA. While building some changes are expected in layout we are not expecting any major changes.

Q: I am from California, what will be its significance for me?
A: Beside it is a pride for all of us that we have Dr. Ambedkar memorial in the USA it is home as well, guests are most welcome to come, stay here and spend good time. We have three private bedrooms with all amenities for members and their families. AIC is surrounded by beautiful attractions nearby like Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Shenandoah valley and national park, Baltimore etc. to visit on day trip from here.

Q: What will be source of Income for the memorial?
A: One of ways is to involve local community, provide them services that will increase our local donation base. Though Ambedkarites already connected with AIC area donating but will reach out more Ambedkarites nationwide and aboard to extend the donation base. Affiliation with universities for running credit courses may also be a source of income.
AIC can rent out the memorial hall for functions, also people can stay in the guest house and pledge donations for the services. Our Gift shop (Market place) will be an additional source of income that will have exclusive collectibles items of Bahujan heroes besides showpieces, T-shirts, magnets, and other varieties of items.

Q: What is planning to prevent vandalism incidents?
A: According to NeighborhoodScout’s analysis of FBI crime statistics, Accokeek is safer than 73% of the cities and towns in the US of all population sizes. Our property is situated right on roadways that has a busy traffic. Though we are not anticipating any such incidents, but we have considered prevention in our plan. There will be a permanent resident (Bhante or some Caretaker) living at property. Entire memorial will be on watch through multiple cameras.

Q: I am in India, How can I make donation in Indian Currency?
A: We are requesting donations anywhere from the globe. Statues and other artifacts are expected to be purchased and shipped from India. Interested donors can donate to our registered partner organization in India. Please contact treasure@ambedkarinternationalcenter.org. People in USA and Canada can make their donation to AIC.
Click on above link to make donation.