We have successfully completed thirty four days of daily food and grocery distribution on 29th of April. While food is a basic need of every human being, we felt that hygiene is also another important aspect that needs to be taken care of during this pandemic. Hence we added one more element in our distribution kit that is ‘Sanitary Pads’ for women. We know that one segment of our whole population is struggling with economical crises; maintaining hygiene is a next level struggle for them that is why we added ‘Sanitary Pads’ in our kit.

Till now we have reached more than three thousand five hundred people in Nagpur and nearby small villages. While distribution we always take care that the help must reach to the needy ones. We make a list of different areas and then we create lists of people who are below poverty line through our research and sources. We are also taking care of social distancing. We are providing a daily onetime meal to the people on streets and grocery kit to the people in slums and economically weaker areas. Till now we have covered the areas like Jai Bhim Nagar, Jogi Nagar, Joshiwadi, Neldo (near Hingna), Rambagh, Indora, Vakilpeth, Chandan Nagar, Momin Pura, Shrikrushna Nagar, Chandramani Nagar and Shatabdi Chowk.

These are few photos of our distribution project: