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KrantiJyoti Savitribai Phule

Born: 3-Jan-1831       Mahaparinirvan: 10-Mar-1897

KrantiJyoti Savitribai Phule is first lady teacher of India. She fought a great battle for us. For the Indian society, Savitribai Phule's life and contribution continues to be ignored. All of us must celebrate KrantiJyoti Savitribai Phule's Jayanthi for we owe our progress to her struggle to give us education, equality and self respect.

Savitribai Phule, wife of the great social reformer Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, was born on 3rd January 1831 at Naigaon, Thaluka Khandala, and District Satara. Amid some fierce protest by the Manuwadi upper castes, the couple opened country's first school for girls in Bhide's Wada in Pune and she was nominated as the first head mistress.

When Savitribai used to walk towards her school, upper caste mob used to throw cow dung and stones at her. She could have played a simple housewife to Jyotirao Phule but when she saw her husband's devotion to the social cause; she too jumped into the social field.

In 1852, Phule family was honored by British Government for their work in the fields of education and Savitribai was declared as the best teacher. We must thank British Government for encouraging education for women.

She adopted Yashwant, son of Kashibai, a Brahmin widow. She was active member of Sathya Shodhak Samaj formed by Mahatma Phule and even presided over the Conference at Saswad.

Savitribai Phule's important contributions included 52 free food hostels in Maharashtra. She forced Government to start relief work for people affected by Plague epidemic in Pune. She died while serving Plague epidemic patients on 10th March 1897.

This is brief history about KrantiJyoti Savitribai Phule. She undertook great struggles to bring women to the mainstream. It is because for her struggle that we are in this position. She dedicated her whole life for us.

Poem by First Lady Teacher of India
Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule
Mother English

Rule of Peshwa is gone
Mother English has come.
Forlorn and dark our hopelessness
Ominous fears of heaven and abyss.
In such a dismal time of ours
Come Mother English, this is your hour.
Throw off the yoke of redundant belief
Break open the door, walk out in relief.
Learn to read and write, O my dear one
Opportune times! Mother English has come.
Manu's ways are evil and mean
Poor and depressed we have all been.
They've cheated, befooled, looted us all
They've gone with English Mother's footfall.
Brahman's rule is now in ashes
Under the English whips and lashes.
It is all for the good of the poor
Manu's dead at English Mother's door.
Knowledge is poor man's refuge and shade
It's akin to comfort mother made.
In English rule we've found our joy
Bad days gone, Mother English abhoy!
English is the inheritance of none
Persian, Brahman, Yemeni or Hun.
We have true Indian blood in our veins
Cry out aloud! And shout! Mother English is OUT!
Go, Get Education
Be self-reliant, be industrious
Work-gather wisdom and riches.
All gets lost without knowledge
We become animals without wisdom.
Sit idle no more, go, get education
End misery of the oppressed and forsaken.
You've got a golden chance to learn
So learn and break the chains of caste.
Throw away the Brahmin's scriptures fast.

(Translation from Marathi: Sunil Sardar, Victor Paul)